About us

This guide is part of Reimagining Human Rights, a project by Fine Acts and hope-based comms, supported by Open Society Foundations.

For this project, we commissioned 40 artists from around the world to create new work, reimagining how we envision, speak about and visualise human rights. On top of that, hundreds more global artists decided to open up existing works from their archive that fit the theme, and donate them to the human rights movement – resulting in the largest open-license collection of hopeful human rights visuals. Fine Acts is a creative studio for social impact. We are a global nonprofit that believes in the power of art and play, and thinks about ways to make people care and act, creating novel avenues to empower activism. Hope-based comms is a new global initiative for change-makers who want to modernise the way nonprofits talk, based on the idea that people need hope if they are to engage in social change activism or have empathy for others.

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